Mother Of The Divine Providence

The "Madonna" of the Barnabites

The veneration of Mary is an irreplaceable aspect of the life of the Church, Religious Congregations have always a special place for the Blessed Virgin Mary in their life and institutions.

 During the building of their church dedicated to the St. Charles Borromeo in Rome, the Barnabites ran in great financial difficulties. According to Fr. Blaise Palma, it was through the intercession of the Blessed Virgin Mary, Mother of Divine Providence, that the construction was completed.

In 1659, to compensate for the loss of a fresco of the Blessed Mother, an architect donated to the Barnabites a canvas depicting an exquisite Mary holding the Child Jesus. On July 23, 1732, when an exact copy of this painting was place in the church for the public veneration under the title, Mother of the Divine Providence, the veneration to Our Lady, Mother of Divine Providence was born.

She is our Madonna: She wears a purple robe, a blue shawl and a transparent veil on her head which flows down on her shoulder. She tenderly holds and contemplates her child whose fingers are confidently placed over her hand. In our view, this scene symbolizes the divine source of Mary’s power. The Child Jesus seems to be saying: “Mother, I place in your hands the power to act in my name. Freely take from my infinite treasures and freely dispense them to whoever implores your help."

Hence, the Barnabites call Mary, Our Lady, Mother of Divine Providence.